Yaaic 0.9 - SASL, new notification system, more settings!

Yaaic 0.9 is now available for download. There's now support for SASL authentication available. As Freenode has blocked some mobile networks a while ago using SASL is the only possibility to connect to Freenode for these users.

Steven Luo has improved the notification system:

  • Now displays the number of mentions that the user has not seen in the notification.
  • When no mentions are outstanding, display which servers the user is connected to, not the last message.
  • When more than one mention is outstanding, display the names of the conversations with new mentions, not just the last message received.
  • Notifications of mentions are suppressed if you're in the conversation at the time of the mention.
  • Notifications of mentions automatically clear when you bring up the conversation.
  • Vibrate notifications now generate the user's chosen default vibrate pattern, not a hard-coded one.
  • Add ticker text to the notification that's displayed when the IRCService goes into the foreground, instead of displaying a blank ticker.


In addition to that Yaaic has some more options now:

  • Full screen chat (by reyncor)
  • Only hide the MOTD once (by dsalt)
  • Configurable history size (by Steven Luo)

And finally Yaaic has been translated into another language: Danish (by rasher).


For a list of all changes take a loog at the changelog.


Thanks for all the contributions and have fun with the new release!


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