Yaaic is open-source! Get involved. Start by joining the Yaaic Google Group.

Do you want to contribute?

You are a Java/Android developer and you want to contribute to Yaaic? Great! :)


There are just two requirements:

  • You'll have to like git
  • And you'll have to like github (if you like git, you'll love github!)


Take a look at our github pages:

Let's get started

1. Checkout the latest development version of Yaaic:

git clone git://


2. Apply your changes, fix bugs, do whatever you want


3. The world needs your modifications? Okay, test it! Teeeesting :) Code for the official release should be bug free!


4. Create your own branch/account at github (the best way!), send me a patch or provide some git repository access somewhere else... I'll take a look at your changes and cherry pick them into the master branch :)


5. And finally your changes will be in the next release!

Automated Testing

There's also a test project for unit tests and functional tests via the Android JUnit testrunner (and the help of robotium).


 Please test your code against the Testcases and it would be really awesome if you contribute a unit-test for your code :)

And now?

Anything related to Yaaic Development will be published at our github pages:

Android Zeitgeist - Android Developer Blog

Lands of Ruin

Are you into tabletop gaming? Take a look at Lands of Ruin, a tabletop strategy game I am also working on. It's played with an Android companion app.