/amsg <message>

Send a message to all channels on the server

/away [<reason>]

Sets you away


Closes the current conversation (channel or query).

/dcc SEND <nickname> <file>

Send a file to a user

/deop <nickname>
Removes operator status from a user on the channel.

/devoice <nickname>
Removes voice from a user on the channel.

/echo <text>
Prints the given text to the selected channel.

/help [<command>]

Lists all available commands or the usage of the given command.

/join <channel> [<key>]
Shortcut: /j <channel> [<key>]
Join a channel with an optional key.

/kick <nickname>
Kicks the user from the channel.

/me <action>
Perform an action.

/mode <channel> <mode>

Change channel modes

/msg <target> <message>

Send a message to a channel or user

Show all users on selected channel.

/nick <nickname>
Rename yourself.

/notice <nickname> <message>

Send a notice to an other user

/op <nickname>
Sets operator status for a user on the channel.

/part [<channel>]
Leave the current or the given channel.

/query <nickname>
Shortcut: /q <nickname>
Open a private chat window

/quote <line>

Alias: /raw <line>

Send a raw line to the server

/quit [<reason>]
Disconnects from the current server.

/topic [<topic>]
Prints the current topic of the channel or sets a new topic.

/voice <nickname>
Gives voice to a user.

/whois <nickname>

Get information about a user

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