Yaaic is free and will remain free!


If you like Yaaic and as developing the client is very time-consuming, you can support me by donating a small amount.


If you don't like paypal or if you are sitting on a pile of android devices and you don't know where to store them, let me know ;)

Donating via Postcard

I love seeing yaaic being used all around the globe. Just send me a postcard from where you live and make me happy! :)

Donating via Paypal

Donating via Pledgie

Click here to lend your support to: Yaaic and make a donation at !


If you are a Java/Android developer, you can also contribute to yaaic by coding. :)


Just take a look at the developer page.

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Lands of Ruin

Are you into tabletop gaming? Take a look at Lands of Ruin, a tabletop strategy game I am also working on. It's played with an Android companion app.