Yet Another Android IRC Client

Yaaic is as the full name (Yet Another Android IRC Client) already says an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for Android devices.The current (beta) version is available on the Download page.

Yaaic is also available at the official Android Market.


There are also some screenshots and a brief description of the features available. Yaaic is free and open source!


Need help? Take a look at the Yaaic Google Group. Or fire up your client, connect to irc.epd-me.net and join #yaaic. :)





Yaaic 1.0

It took quite some time but now a new release of Yaaic is available!


Yaaic 1.0 features a new revamped UI looking more like a modern Ice Cream Sandwich / Jelly Bean Android app. Swiping through channels is much smoother thanks to the ViewPager component that replaced the old ConversationGallery. At the top is now a new indicator replacing the dots at the bottom. The indicator uses 2 colors to indicate the state of conversations currently not visible: Blue channels have unread messages waiting and yellow channels are indicating that there's a highlighted message waiting for you.


I hope you enjoy the new version of Yaaic.  A bunch of new screenshots can be found on the screenshots page. For a more complete list of changes read the changelog.


Download Yaaic 1.0



Yaaic @ IRC:

Server: irc.epd-me.net

Channel: #yaaic

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